Colorimetry Online Level #2

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  1. Structure and chemical composition of hair. Chemical bonds. How to maintain hair quality and health
  2. Stages of coloring. How the polymerization process arrives and how does the % of oxidant and amount of alkali affect the highlighting primer
  3. pH and types of colors. Details of lowering alkalinity (7-minute rule, oxy or water – how to use when toning)
  4. Chemical composition of cosmetics. How to recognize formaldehyde. How to read labels and recognize product quality
  5. Brightening powder. What is the action of the brightener. Practical advice. Different ways to apply bleach and other alkaline products, methods of cleaning hair canvas.
  6. Analysis and diagnosis of hair before hair treatment. Work Strategy. Price Formation.
  7. How to read a technical color wheel. Familiarize yourself with your paints.
  8. A little more about brightening primers. Blackout primer
  9. Color Saunas. Pre-pigmentation. Re-pigmentation
  10. Hair Reconstruction. Step by step

Course for advanced hairdressers who want to deepen into the subject of hair coloring.

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